Here are a few of our recommended anti-mould paints.

Anti-mould paint protects walls and ceilings from mould, and is especially useful for applying in areas where there is a history of mould growth and/or as a prevention in notoriously prone areas, particularly bathrooms and kitchens where there is generally high condensation and humidity. The paint helps eliminate the moisture which contributes to development of mould. This keeps you safe from respiratory problems caused by inhalation of mould spores, which can lead to very serious health risks.

Most anti-mould paints have a life expectancy of approximately 6 years, at which point the effectiveness of the anti-mould solution becomes less effective. But generally speaking, most rooms are repainted with in 6 years of it’s previous coat of paint.

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  • You should NOT apply anti-mould paint on top of existing mould growths. If there is a growth, you should remove it thoroughly before application (i.e. anti mould spray is a good solution), and make sure that all the surfaces are clean and dry.
  • Applying anti-mould paint is the same as applying regular emulsion, so you do not need expert services to apply it to your walls or ceilings.
  • Before applying the paint, make sure the room you are working in is well ventilated.


Here’s another pretty nifty alternative, it’s an additive which can be applied to any colour of paint.

The problem with anti-mould paint is that you’re limited to the colours available- the selection is no war near as generous as regular emulsion. An anti-mould additive solves that problem, because you can add it to any regular emulsion.

You basically mix the liquid with the paint of your choice, and it becomes anti-bacterial paint- preventing mould and mildew from multiplying, thus they die out before creating any mouldy patches. Most anti-mould paint additives are colourless and odourless, so they don’t taint the paint it’s being mixed with.

It’s cheaper than off-the-shelf anti-mould paint (but does the same thing) and effective for the lifetime of the painted surface (so can have a longer life than than most anti-mould solutions, which is 6 years). This particular additive can be mixed with up to 5 litres of paint…