Most basic mould festitations found in homes – typically on walls and ceilings – doesn’t need the attention of a professional contractor to take care of the problem. Depending on the situation, you can easily remove mould yourself with solutions readily available from your own home. But before you do it, please read our can I remove mould myself guide.

Below is a list of proven solutions that can help you remove basic mould growths from your home.

Remove Mould

Some solutions are completely natural, while others rely on unnatural chemicals that can be toxic, so please be careful, and find the best solution for you and your environment.

Read through the solutions below and decide which one sounds the most appropriate for you and your mould problem. If you’re only interested in natural solutions, please go to the natural solutions to removing mould section. Alternatively, if you’re looking for solutions that are child and pet safe, refer to the children and pet safe mould solutions page.

Regardless of which method you opt for, great care should always be taken; it is advised that the area you work in is well ventilated, and a respirator and gloves are always worn.

Please note, the solution most appropriate for you will depend on the severity of your mould problem, but also realise that some solutions may or may not work for you.