One of the most common areas for mould growth in the home is the bathroom, and that’s because it’s particularly moist (i.e. particularly after hot showers/baths), which creates a breeding ground for mould spores.

If mould is growing in your bathroom it is important that you remove it immediately. In most general cases, you can use a sponge, cloth or scrubbing brush and remove it with one of the following anti-mould solutions.

Removing mould is one issue, but prevention is another, and prevention is definitely the best cure. One of the best ways to avoid mould growths in bathrooms is by keeping it well ventilated. Other solutions like anti-mould paint also helps. But generally, ventilation is key.

A good way to maintain ventilation in your bathroom, especially after a hot shower or bath, is to turn on the bathroom extractor fan while you bath/shower and leave it on for about 10 minutes afterwards. If you don’t have a fan, open the window to let steam out and circulate the air.

Here are a few of our recommended bathroom extractor fans, which will help reduce the risk of mould growth. Please read the full details of each product by clicking on them, to find out which is most suitable for your bathroom:


  • You will need a qualified electrician to install an extractor fan.
  • Extractor fans will need an escape route, whether that be through a wall, window or ceiling. It’s best to discuss your options with an experienced electrician. Bear in mind, where and how you fit your fan will affect the installation costs.
  • We recommend getting a humidity tracking extractor fan, which works all the time and automatically and continually adjusts output to the conditions. Alternatively, get an extractor which can be set to “overrun” once it’s switched off- because generally the extractor fan is connected to the light switch, and in most cases you will want the fan to continue running for 10-15mins after you leave the bathroom (i.e. which is when you will turn the light off).
  • Extractor fans can noticeably noisy, so look for a “silent” one
  • Extractor fans come in different sizes, which are suitable for different sized rooms. Make sure you get a suitable one that will be powerful enough for the size of your bathroom.
  • Make sure you get a fan that is suitable for bathrooms